Getting some pain.

Its been 1 week 5 days since surgery and ive noticed ive been getting some shooting type pains near my lower calf down my tendon. Nothing to serious , just something i haven’t felt before. Wondering if this may be the tendon being tight or some part of the bodys healing process?  Wondering if any one has had this feeling after surgery.

Thanks everyone,


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  1. sam66 on September 7th, 2009

    I don’t remember any shooting pains, more just aching/stinging/discomfort at that stage.
    It could be the cast or the tendon…are you still taking any painkillers?
    Just reread your previous posts and saw your surgery was more complicated than mine (with the heel bit) so if you’re worried you could always check with your consultant.

  2. Smish on September 7th, 2009

    Springsdude: I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I read your first post. We go to the Sky Sox games a lot and I was watching that promo with the paper cars thinking how I’d never be able to try that one now. Rockies have a different one that also requires sprinting that I couldn’t do either. (I was not at the August 7 game but I have watched that female EMT treat before and she doesn’t seem too interested.) Did you go to Used Car Giveaway this year? I thought the cars this year were not as good as in years past. Anyway, so sorry to hear of your accident. I have had a smiliar surgery on both legs. Hang in there!
    By the way, I think E.Y.Jr. is doing pretty well with the Rockies. SWEEET!


  3. springsdude on September 7th, 2009

    Smish: I didn’t go to the used care give away this year. I was there for it last year though. I don’t get out to the games to much. I should since I have a few friends that work for Sky Sox. Speaking of the EMT…my friend is gonna bring up the fact that AMR…not just this EMT…is doing a poor job during there post season meetings…hope that gets somewhere. E.Y. Jr is doing pretty well with the Rockies! I”m doing my best to hang in here. Starting to get used to the crutches and how to just do daily things in a timely manner. Getting better but still a bit frustrating. With time I know I’ll adapt and feel better. I’m glad I found this site. Its great to hear from other ppl and have some support though tough times. Take care.


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