Distal Tear

Hello everyone,

This is my first time doing anything like this.  Well I ruptured my Achilles tendon back on Aug. 7th. 2009.  I was attending a Colorado Springs Skysox  AAA Baseball game when i got picked out of the crowd to do a on field promotional event which involved running around the bases with card board cut out cars attached to me while racing another person.  Both running opposite directions around the bases I just rounded 2nd base when “ouch”  My foot went numb and felt like one of the players on field warming up had just slid into me or something to that affect. I took a few steps not knowing what had happened and fell right to the ground in front of all those ppl….how embarrassing! I got up  and hobbled around the rest of the way making sure to finish. Had to at least do that.  I went to see the EMT located at the game to see if they could help and unfortunately she didn’t even really look or listen to my symptoms.  gave me an ice pack and said wait till next week and see how your feeling.  This was on a Friday night so by Monday and a weekend of reading I was almost certain as to what had happened. I went to a Medical center that following week…not having insurance i cant always afford to take the chance on the Emergency room. The doctor there was almost certain what it was but not convinced from X-rays gave me a boot and told me to stay off it and come back in a week and he would do some checking with other doctors and specialists.  I came back a week later and was referred to a a Orthopedic Specialist.  I saw him Friday Aug 21st 2009 and was told there was no way to  fix my problem without surgery..what a bummer…again not having insurance….this was a tough choice to some degree…..but i couldn’t have this be a permanent disability being only 27 years of age and in the construction business.  I took the weekend to look over my options then called Monday and was scheduled for surgery the following day Tuesday Aug. 25 2009 @ 5:15pm.  Did the usual early check-in and was admitted to the hospital and taking to the Pre op area.   The nursed were all very nice and answered all my questions.  Around 4:30 I meet the anesthesiologist  who answered my questions and shortly after administered  a nerve block…that was interesting.  Couldn’t see exactly what had happened Because i was on my stomach,but did find some videos on how that procedure was done and what was involved and asked my friend who was in the room with me.   Some sort of machine with little electrodes attach to the leg…then some sort of needle attached to the machine and also a syringe  with the anesthetic was inserted into my leg behind my knee until my foot started to flop around which meant they found the nerve and administered the anesthetic.  Shortly after i was wheeled away to the operating room.  I said hello to everyone that was assisting the surgeon then took a few deep breaths and out I went…”off to never never land” and Metallica once said!  During the surgery the surgeon removed some calcium (lots of calcium) from my heel bone and re attached the tendon with anchors to my heel bone. I woke up and almost two hours had passed.  I had a nice white cast on leaving my toes exposed but wrapped to just below my knee.  Foot pointed straight out and slightly inward. I remember when i did wake up i was shivering like crazy and the kind nurses where covering me in nice warm comfy blanket!  I love those girls! Spent maybe an hour in recovery then an hour or so in the post op room making sure my pain was ok and that i could use the facilities before sending me on my way.  When i got home it wasn’t to long before i fell asleep thanks to some of the anesthesia and painkiller they had given me.  Woke the next day with my foot still asleep from the nerve block which lasted until almost 4 that afternoon. At that point the pain was very bad.  Took a few pain killers which helped dull the pain. Well i guess now its time to play the waiting game. Till next time. Take care everyone.

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