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I ruptured my achilles in May, however, it was not operated on until 8th July.  I then needed a tendon graft because the gap was so big and was in plaster for almost 9 weeks.  That was probably the most frustrating and hardest time of my life, however, he did take the plaster off 3 weeks earlier than he originally planned.  The plaster came off on 7th September and doctor advised me to weight bear (30%) for a week or so and increase to 50% prior to seeing him again on 5th October.  I am very nervous about putting any weight on it as he did not put me in a boot, nor did anyone demonstrate how to weight bear.  He does not want me to see physio until after 5th as they may be too aggressive!  My foot does swell up and goes purple in colour when not elevated.

Any tips on weigth bearing and should I be worried about not having a boot?

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