Introducing “Spacemonkey!”

Hello and welcome to my Achilles Injury blogging site….!!

I am a male on the greater side of 40 living in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I have been fairly active all my life, I played Field Hockey in the Scottish leagues for around 15 years - eventually giving in to the time demands of a young family, I enjoyed cycling and a bit of running (NO MARATHONS!!).  I still, or at least until recently, cycle (mostly road bike now), run and make plans to return to playing hockey.

Now to the purpose of this BLOG…….

I ruptured my Achilles during a game of football (May 2013).  I also damaged the calf muscle, I was later advised that as the Achilles tendon is extremely strong (in my case nearly strong enough!) and it rarely ruptures with out taking something else with it!

On initial examination from Doctor the day after the injury I was diagnosed with a torn calf and advised the Achilles tendon was fine.  This resulted in the Achilles Tendon injury being a ‘Late Presentation’  and left no alternative other that Surgery (I’m not bitter about that :-).  The surgery took place 6 weeks and one day after the injury.  As I write this I have just progressed from a cast to an Air Cast or Heel raised boot.  I have kept considerable notes on my experience so far and will share them here over the next few days.

I hope you find it useful, please bear in mind a lot of what you read will just be my opinion (I always have one) and I hope you will treat it that way.

Please note, I have an uncomfortable fear of Hospitals, Doctors surgeries etc…  It is not life altering, I manage to deal with it however it can lead to me having a fairly dim view of some of my ‘medical’ experiences.  I acknowledge the issue is mine and not the wider medical profession… :-)

If you have any questions, please ask, or if you wish to share a similar experience I will be happy to hear from you!

2 Responses to “Introducing “Spacemonkey!””

  1. Keep coming!

  2. Welcome to AChillesblog and if its any help. I had a surgical reconstruction to a “late presentation”, although my delay was more like 12-14 weeks (long story). Check out my blog for my experience (just click on kkirk).

    BTW How many weeks are you out from surgery? Happy healing.

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