19 November 2013 - no cast!!

Hello all!

After 8 weeks in a plaster cast following the second operation I finally got the cast removed yesterday, hopefully for good!  Unlike the first time round the cast had been very irritating this time so it felt amazing to be able to scratch my leg, Although it was a bit flaky.  I am now back in 2 shoes with a half inch heel raise in the left.  The muscle wastage is pretty bad so a decent amount of PT ahead for me.  I had an ultrasound scan this morning and this confirmed the tendon is in one piece, however he was unable to get it to move so not able to see if it is just being held on by the sutures or if it is actually healing this time.  So the Ultra sound was a waste of time, except maybe for the Doctor who will invoice an eye watering amount for 10 minutes work :-)  On the plus side I move on to PT and I am wearing 2 shoes!!!

It is definitely winter here… the streets are white with frost! and the thermometer says ‘Zero’  ….  the sun is shining though!  Hope you are all well where ever you are!

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  1. Hi Space monkey
    I’ve just read your story, crikey you haven’t had it easy. Hope that tendon has healed, must have been hugely frustrating to not have got an absolute diagnosis of healing from the ultrasound. I guess you’ll have to find some more patience and wait for your PT to give you the go ahead to start hinging your ankle. I assume that you are using crutches to get around. Be careful of the frost!
    Hope all is positive from here onwards. Keep us posted.

  2. unable to get the AT to move confuses me some. Can’t you extend your ankle? Doesn’t your wasted calf muscle show signs of motion when you do? Can’t happen without the AT moving.
    I didn’t use heel wedges in shoes (though I did spend time in a hinged boot, pre-shoes), but I would THINK that you’d walk straighter with wedges in BOTH shoes instead of just the one. Comments from shoe-wedge people?

  3. Good luck Space monkey,

    Hang in there and I hope that AT moves soon.

    2 shoes is great! Be careful with the weather - I’m in Chicago, and the freeze is coming (still can’t believe we had that many tornadoes this past weekend - unprecedented).

    Keep us posted.

  4. Congrats on the two shoes! No heel lift in your good shoe? Does this mean you’re lopsided? That’s a good way to cause back and hip problems, so be careful!

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