The second repair

Firstly, my thanks to all of you for you kind wishes and support, it has been a great help as I have got through the recent difficult days.

I went in to a different hospital around 1.30 on Monday and was being operated on by a different surgeon by 3:30.  I had a little bit of time to control / manage my anxiety about hospitals and in particular general anaesthetic.   The only blip was when I did not get released on the same day.

The operation took around an hour, 30 minutes longer than scheduled, however I am lead to believe it went well, fingers crossed.

I am am home now staring at the equinus cast again.  It’s more painful this time, maybe because I am avoiding tramodol…. Anyway taking it easy for the next few days….

I hope you are all getting on well!!

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  1. Hang in there spacemonkey; glad to hear the second surgery seems to have gone well. Here’s hoping the second recovery is a real recovery!

  2. Thinking of you spacemonkey and trying to send healing vibes!

  3. Hey Space Monkey! Glad to hear the update. Sorry that you are in a cast again. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  4. Tomorrow I go to neutral…….Doc says weight bearing with crutches should begin……I am so nervous after hearing what SM went through.

  5. Tomorrow I go to neutral, 8 weeks post op for RAT surgery…..I am so nervous after hearing SM story. Dr wants me to start weight bearing with the help of crutches for two weeks then start PT.

  6. Anyone knows how long it takes for the AT to completely fuse after surgery? No graft was used.
    My Dr. said 12-16 wks……..can anyone confirm ?

  7. BB, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anybody track that “completely fused” point after an ATR, with or without surgery. Rather, there are a bunch of steps going from (usually) being a total bed-ridden invalid (especially for the surgical patients), then crutch-bound NWB, then PWB, the FWB, then in 2 shoes, gradually walking more normally and regaining strength and flexibility, then running, then jumping and playing high-ATR-risk sports (again).

    For most of us, there’s also a long slow progression from having occasional brief moments when we forget about our ATR, to having longer and longer periods when we don’t think about it.

    Click on for one good rehab schedule. One of the themes of this site is that recovery is a year-long marathon, and that’s a reasonable average. But there are lots of heart-warming milestones much earlier than that. E.g., I went for a week-long downhill ski trip at Whistler in Week 17, non-op, and others have matched or bettered that. I was back at competitive court volleyball (the activity that ruptured BOTH of my ATs, 8 years apart) after about 10 months, and several people here have beaten that time soundly.

    Personally, I think treating ATR recovery as if it’s a simple marathon, with only one finish line, is a recipe for frustration or depression or boredom. Very soon after treatment begins, progress is made, things start getting better. If you appreciate that progress, the whole journey can be fulfilling and pleasant.

    John Lennon once wrote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” ATR Rehab isn’t just something to do while you wait for your life to begin again, it’s part of how you’ll be spending the next part of your life, so you might as well enjoy it and make the most of it.

  8. Thanks for the encouragement and for showing me the silver lining. I am ready for that marathon. My injury occurred while playing competitive B- ball……I came out of retirement to play in a tournament. During the 4 th game it happened when I was making a simple, non forceful dribble to my left.

    I have no intention of playing again but I do miss my gym workouts and my 3 days/ week of urunning.

  9. Where do I get that Rehab workout schedule ?

  10. BB I was advised that re-ruptures beyond 12 weeks are very rare, but it often takes up to a year for the tendon to fully recover to allow you to return to sport. It can take this long to regain your confidence too.
    My tendon did not heal properly, at 10 weeks post op it was only being held together by the sutures. It was a late presentation therefore probably under too much strain on the initial repair…. all of this is speculation of course. What I am trying to say is at 8 weeks your tendon should be pretty strong and benefit from controlled mobilisation.
    My second repair used a ‘turn-down’ technique to bridge the gap between the ’stumps’ of tendon to make sure there is a join between healthy tendon and not the frayed ends. I still expect to make a full recovery, but have been advised it may be 18 months before I can consider the tendon fully healed and return to sport.
    I was weight bearing in the boot after 6 weeks and the additional mobility was great. With regards to a workout schedule I would ask your PT for one. A lot of the work at 8 weeks will still be around how you safely build up all the other muscles that will have wasted by not being weight bearing, so let the PT know how much time / effort you can commit and they should advise you accordingly.
    You have my best wishes the next stage of your rehab goes well, I look forward to reading about the positive outcome.

  11. BB, it’s at . Copy and paste that into your browser, and there it will be.

  12. Wow, thanks for the response guys. SM you are in my prayers buddy, hope ou have a full recovery this time.
    Thanks normo will def check it out.

    BTW…..boot goes to neutral today……..PWB…….VERY Partial……heeding SM situation.

    I live in the Caribbean……Trinidad…..have to head up to Fl in two weeks to check in with my surgeon. Guess he will give me my PT rehab routine to instruct my therapist in Trinidad.

  13. Best of luck BB, I hope you can enjoy the sunshine? It is 6 degrees and damp here in Scotland, but we are still smiling! I am looking for a new coat, that will fit in my elbow crutches :-) do you have to check with the airline before flying to Florida in an aircast? They would not allow me to fly to Orkney ( about 1 hr 20 m ) in my equinus cast. Would be good to hear how you get on.
    Take care, my best wishes for a continued Great recovery!!

  14. Hey SM, I am wearing a ‘Cam Walker’ boot not an air cast. It has a compass on either side that adjust the degree setting. It fits well and really holds the leg at the precise angle. Have no problem getting on an aircraft with it. What is an headache is security .
    I hate those elbow crutches. I had a set in Fl but tossed them. They locked onto my elbow once when I lost my balance and almost caused me to break my leg. With my normal crutches I could just let go and break my fall by doing a judo roll or with my hands but those elbow crutches are attached and not so easy to release.

  15. Has anyone ever used ‘King Brand’ BFST ( Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy ) wraps or braces ? I have done some research on them and the response seems very positive. Seems like the product reduces the healing time. I was considering the purchase of one but would like a first hand testimonial if possible……..we all know that those products can fake ‘Reviews’ on their websites.
    LOL……just looked at the ‘Anti- Spam’ word I had to type ‘quicker’……..

  16. Two shoes stage has arrived.

    Therapy is also a rude awakening…….walking is tough but I am trying.

    Two shoes feels good thoug

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