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Yesterday started off well with a lunchtime visit to the physio and everything looking good.  More exercises to strengthen the ankle and foot…  the 4th wedge taken out and advised to remove the final wedge on Sunday, and talk of getting back in to shoes on the following Friday.  The physio did a Thompson test and advised at least it was fixed.  All good stuff but I am sure you know there is a ‘however’ coming.  I got home from work around 6pm, so I had been getting around in the boot for about 5 hours with wedge 4 removed with no issues or concerns to report, then as I walked down my hall I felt a sickening thump on the back of my leg, very low down near the ankle.  I thought my daughter had tripped and fallen on my leg, but no.  My ankle started to swell but I felt no pain.  I sat down and decided to leave the boot on and go to A&E.  Including travelling time and waiting time it was around 3 hours before I was examined by a doctor.  He advised he was not getting much response from the Thompson test, but apart from the skin being a little warm and more tender around the injury still felt no pain.   the doctor asked me to put weight on it, I put the boot back on and stood on my left leg, again it was not sore but it did feel stiffer than it had earlier.  The A&E Doctor spoke to ‘Orthopaedics’ they did not come to examine me, just advised them to put me back in an equinus cast and I have to go back this afternoon to get an ultrasound.  My fingers are well and truly crossed that the Achilles is still in tact.  My operation involved the Plantaris tendon being weaved around the Achilles, I don’t know if this can rupture, without pain?  I guess I am just clutching at straws and will have to wait until later for the answers…..

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  1. Holy cow spacemonkey…fingers crossed for you that it is not some type of re-rupture…that thump sounds scary…

  2. Hoping it’s not a re-rupture; keep us posted and hang in there.

  3. Sorry to hear the news SM. My initial rupture was painful and traumatic, for a day. After that, not to much pain at all. I was treated non op (initially). The day I went into the aircast, I reruptured. I did feel a pop, but not a pop like the initial injury. I had major pain (like I turned ghost white and couldn’t see straight) and major bruising. I also wasn’t stiff, just the opposite. I lost all tightness. I could walk and put weight on it.

    I also agree with you, if you re-ruptured especially if initial treatment was op, you would feel the pain. Do you have bruising? The other thing that makes me nervous about what you described, is when you thought your daughter fell on your leg.

    Also, many people who have been surgically corrected, weren’t able to pass a thompson test within weeks or months of being treated. If I give it to myself now, I don’t pass. I would think the only way you would know if your recent thompson test results meant something is if you had a thompson test after your surgical repair and passed.

    I’m crossing my fingers for you and wishing you the very best.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  4. Thanks for your kind wishes and for sharing your experience. I saw a consultant today and he checked the tendon and is happy is has not re-ruptured. Good times!!!

    He is not certain why it has swollen up so much, but thinks I may have torn some scar tissue.?.. If that is the case the feeling is very similar to tearing a calf or hamstring (un fortunately I have done both of these in the past).. I wish I’d known that could happen, I may have slept better last night.

    To hopefully know for sure I am going for an ultra sound scan tomorrow.
    I never thought I would say this but I am glad to be back in the boot…
    I will sleep a little easier tonight…
    Take care….

  5. Spacemonkey - that sounds incredibly stressful. Thank God you didn’t re-rupture! I am 4 weeks post-op and head to the boot on Monday. Keep up the fight, I’m just trying to take it one day at a time. Take care,

  6. That’s great news, spacemonkey!

  7. my heart stopped for a quick second when I ready your initial post, I can’t imaging how you felt - glad to hear it’s not a re-rupture, awesome news!

  8. I’m afraid the scan today told a different story. the tendon has re-ruptured, at 10 weeks post op it had not healed well and the feeling in the back of my leg was the sutures giving way, it would appear at 10 weeks they were still the main thing holding it together. Apparently the other muscles and tendons in the area have been doing a good job at providing some power in the foot hence no pain post re rupture…. Other than more surgery I am not sure what is next …

  9. Hey SM! I’m so sorry to hear the news. You will get thru this! I can completely empathize. I wasn’t as far in as you are but. I know it’s crushing to start all over again. Good luck with your next surgery. We are all rooting for you!

    Take Care. This too shall pass.

  10. Oh No spacemonkey…so sorry to hear the diagnosis! Good luck with next surgery, try and keep your spirits up!

  11. Really sorry to hear about your re-rupture. I can’t think of any supportive words apart from Oh S**T! Not very supportive I know.
    But reading the other re-rupture stories does show that you will get there.
    Hope the surgery goes ok. Best wishes.

  12. Ugh! I’m sorry SM. That is the pits. I hope that you can get the surgery scheduled ASAP Good luck.

  13. I’m so sorry, spacemonkey; that’s the worse possible news. Have they given you any idea why the original repair was healing so slowly or poorly? Best wishes for your next surgery; hang in there!

  14. Oh what terrible news spacemonkey, my heart goes out to you. Bear up, you’ll come out of this stronger in more ways than one.

  15. Bummer, SM, sorry to hear it. I wonder why the repaired AT didn’t heal well. I wonder if anybody knows, or even has sensible theories.
    With all the elaborate and often miraculous surgery that’s done these days, it’s still amazing how much of the ultimate recovery is because of our own bodies’ rebuilding of the damaged tissues, in this case the AT. If that organic reconstruction doesn’t happen, for whatever reason, there’s trouble; the surgical repair is really just the starting point.
    I hope they can do a better job next time, convincing your bod to build you a new — and good and strong — AT.

  16. Hey SM…..How are you? Just checking in. Sending you well wishes and healing sentiments your way.

    Take Care.

  17. Thanks superjewgrl, your wishes and sentiments are very much appreciated… as is everyone’s support… I have been spending a couple of days considering my options (and generally feeling sorry for myself). However time to move on and I have booked myself in for surgery on Monday. Different Surgeon, Different Hospital and hopefully a Successful outcome…..

  18. Good luck on Monday. You will do great.

    Please reach out if you need a cheerleader!!!!

  19. Good luck on Monday. I can’t imagine how depressing it must be. But time will pass and hopefully it will just be a distant bad nightmare.

  20. Best of luck on Monday, spacemonkey. I’ll be thinking about you.

  21. I’m sending you every best wish I have.

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