The second repair

Firstly, my thanks to all of you for you kind wishes and support, it has been a great help as I have got through the recent difficult days.
I went in to a different hospital around 1.30 on Monday and was being operated on by a different surgeon by 3:30.  I had a little bit of [...]

Wedge 4…

Yesterday started off well with a lunchtime visit to the physio and everything looking good.  More exercises to strengthen the ankle and foot…  the 4th wedge taken out and advised to remove the final wedge on Sunday, and talk of getting back in to shoes on the following Friday.  The physio did a Thompson test [...]

Hasta la vista wedge number 3

Another one bites the dust, half way to a ‘neutral’ position on my left foot… All progress is goooooood!!!
Back to the gym later to abuse the leg curl machine. I don’t think you need to be sadistic to be a physiotherapist, but I am sure it helps …
Everyone have a great day!!