Getting on with it - 23rd of May to 1st of July 2013

Over the next few weeks the pain reduced I became more mobile able to play in the back garden albeit somewhat limited.  I was feeling much better, able to cycle (as long as I did not stand up on the pedals) and driving brought no pain.  I drove to and from Dunkeld with no problem. [...]

Visit to the GP - Thurs 23rd May 2013

I called the GP at 8 am on the dot and after 11 minutes I got through and made an appointment for 10:55am.
When I met with the GP I advised I was fairly sure I have torn my calf the previous evening playing football, but was concerned I may have damaged my Achilles also.
After examination [...]

How it Happened - 22nd May 2013

How I Ruptured the Tendon…….