Physio - Wednesday the 21st of August

A week of wearing the boot doing some exercises, and being partially weight bearing had made me feel better.  It had taken a bit of a toll, in that I had experiences some lower back pain on the opposite side from the boot.   This was eased by sitting on a cushion on the right hand side only or putting a thick book under my right foot to even me up when sitting.  A few stretches around the side an IT band resolved the problem.

The second Physio session was about checking the mobility in the foot, a bit of manipulation to get it moving and the removal of the first boot wedge!!! a date to mark in the diary.  The Surgeon had advised no to work the tendon or attempt any dorsiflexion at this stage so it is mostly about ‘maintenance’.

Estimated another 6 to 7 weeks before I would be able to drive a manual car again.  Fortunately I had managed to get my father to drop me off, hang around for an hour and take me back to work - very kind of him, but 3 weeks or so after returning to work the logistics of planning all my trips was getting trickier..

Since getting the first wedge removed from my boot I have had a bit of pain / tenderness on the inside of my ankle, right on the bone of the joint.  It is a bit uncomfortable, but not enough to make me scramble for the Tramadol yet ….

I think I have caught up with the detail of my ATR experience so far… I will make every effort to make further updates a bit more ‘Real Time’  ….  Physio again tomorrow….

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