Descriptions for ‘The Boot’

Since having the equinus plaster replaced with a ‘Ă–SSUR rebound Airwalker’ I have been given a variety of run of the mill descriptions…

  • “Stormtrooper….”
  • “Is robocop missing a foot?”
  • “You look like a partially assimilated borg” - too geeky for me..
  • “I can’t walk next to you with out getting seasick”
  • I know Skiing is expensive but you really need two boots”

Please comment if anyone has any other descriptions, unlike the ones above preferably humorous…. :-)

2 Responses to “Descriptions for ‘The Boot’”

  1. Lol–I think you have it pretty well covered. No one in their right mind is going to mess with you in a boot. You still have one good foot and a roundhouse to the head with the boot is going to hurt way more than in a shoe!

  2. I .have not named my boot yet…..have been wearing it on and off since February, so by now I feel it goes with all my outfits. When someone asked me if I had a skiing accident, my husband jokingly ?????????
    whispered to me “she would have to actually get off the couch to have a skiing accident”……….he got the silent treatment the rest of the day!!!!!!

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