Back to Work - Monday the 29th of July

Back to work, a bit later than planned or hoped but the potential threat of someone suing someone had got in the way.  The dangers of someone with a cast sitting at a desk had to be assessed before I could return to work.  (I will maybe create a separate page to rant about this later, purely for my own therapy, for now I’ll leave it alone :-))

Those difficulties behind me I was delighted to be a part of society.  While signed off you are just a number, no one will speak to you for the fear of it being construed as work at a later date.  Who made life this difficult? lawyers?

It felt great just to be useful ‘ish’ again.  After 3 weeks of sitting around the house I was properly ’stir crazy’.

Day 1 of worked passed by without any incident, the expected level of japes were levelled at me as I moved around on my crutches… nothing humorous enough to report, altogether a good day, with the exception of getting to and from work I felt like I had made a big step back to normality.

The big plus was there were no issues with the cast at all, I was fine, no swelling, irritation … all good….

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  1. Congrats on getting back to work. Hard to believe that sitting at a desk with a cast can be dangerous but I guess all potential liabilities must be assessed. Hope that your recovery continues to go well and that you get to two shoes soon.

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