Physio - Wednesday the 28th of August

Uneventful trip to the Physio today, all appears to be going well and my ankle has mobilised well.  ”It is about maintenance at the moment” so no need for me to go back for a further two weeks.  I have been given a number of core body & leg strengthening exercises to do and I [...]

Descriptions for ‘The Boot’

What’s has your boot been called …

Physio - Wednesday the 21st of August

the first wedge is out!

Physio - Wednesday the 14th of August

Having previously experienced a 5 week wait for an NHS physio appointment and being in the fortunate position of having medical insurance I decided to use it to fund a private physio.  The difference was immediate, I called around 2pm on a Tuesday and got an appointment for 12:15 on the Wednesday.  It makes me [...]

Getting the Plaster Off - Tuesday the 13th of August

Three weeks after the second plaster had been put on, I was on my way to hopefully get it removed and replaced with some type of plastic boot referred to as an AIRCAST.  Official name a Rebound Airwalker in a fetching two tone grey shade.
It was great to get the plaster off, although it looked [...]

Back to Work - Monday the 29th of July

Back to work!!

First Followup appointment - Tuesday the 23rd of July

I arrived at 9:30 for my 9:45 appointment, checked in at reception and took a seat.  My wife had given me a lift and had dropped me at the door before going to park the car; it was raining quite heavily with a bit of thunder and lightning too.  I had barely sat down when [...]

The Operation - Thursday the 4th of July

It may well have been independence day in the USA, however it was the day I would lose a lot of my independence for a while, how long? ‘unknown’.
I had followed all the instructions and eaten nothing since 6:30pm the previous night, drunk nothing since 11pm.  I arrived in the correct place in the hospital [...]

Consultant appointment - Tuesday the 2nd of July 2013

I had an appointment at outpatients at 15:20.  I got a lift again from my Father in-law and arrived just after 3pm.  On arrival I was advised that the clinic was running around 50 minutes late.  This proved to be optimistic.  After a further time delay update from a nurse also advised that other Doctors [...]

First visit to the Physiotherapist - 1st July 2013

The Diagnosis