Sunday two days ago i was in heaven , walking without crutches,hosting a dinner party cooking up a storm,carrying things in both hands WOW.Monday went to work on one crutch as usual.I was busy in my showroom until 12 am when i could rest with my feet up.After 10 min i tried to stand up [...]

5 months post op ,now big blood clot

Wow after complaining for the last 3 months about suffering with swelling,throbbing Achillies,slow recovering from excersize,ice cold leg(even in the South African summer 35dec temp),very slow recovery. My pt sent me for a scan and i have a 5 cm blood clot in my calf ! I now have the plesant task of injecting myself into my stomach [...]

i now have two achilles tendons

My rupture and then re- rupture story .I am 55 years old male , i have been playing league tennis for the last 12 years.Soccer world cup in South Africa ,my business is very busy i don’t play any tennis for 3 months . first time on court after warming up for 20 min Snap [...]

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