Sunday two days ago i was in heaven , walking without crutches,hosting a dinner party cooking up a storm,carrying things in both hands WOW.Monday went to work on one crutch as usual.I was busy in my showroom until 12 am when i could rest with my feet up.After 10 min i tried to stand up and could not put even P W B on Achilles.The sorest my leg had been since re rupture.
They took me home,had to be carried to car.At home i could not go down 20 steps .They had to go fetch my BOOT.First time in 2 months i saw the boot again.Had been in bed since feeling as if I’m going backwards.

2 Responses to “GOING BACKWARDS”

  1. Yikes! Obviously if it doesn’t improve fast by itself, get some serious attention. It’s all news to me, and doesn’t sound like good news.

  2. Sorry to hear that, hope it’s nothing too serious - try to stay positive and keep us posted.

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