5 months post op ,now big blood clot

Wow after complaining for the last 3 months about suffering with swelling,throbbing Achillies,slow recovering from excersize,ice cold leg(even in the South African summer 35dec temp),very slow recovery. My pt sent me for a scan and i have a 5 cm blood clot in my calf ! I now have the plesant task of injecting myself into my stomach every morning with Clexane for the next 6 weeks

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  1. What a pain! At least they found the cause of your problems, and presumably a solution, too. The heart-surgery crowd calls this sort of thing “a bump on the road” to recovery. This, too, shall pass.

    I had several days of those injections — low molecular weight heparin, branded as Lovenox here — after my open-heart surgery. After a few days, they could stop stabbing me, when my blood levels of the oral Warfarin was high enough to prevent my new Mitral Valve repair (ring) from throwing a clot. (I’m supposed to quit the Warfarin after 3 months — about 1 more month from now.)

    I think my “stab holes” were relatively slow to heal, too — hope your experience with that is better.

    I’m a full-fledged member of the post-op crowd now, and sincerely hoping to avoid clots of my own!

    Good luck with yours.

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