Sunday two days ago i was in heaven , walking without crutches,hosting a dinner party cooking up a storm,carrying things in both hands WOW.Monday went to work on one crutch as usual.I was busy in my showroom until 12 am when i could rest with my feet up.After 10 min i tried to stand up and could not put even P W B on Achilles.The sorest my leg had been since re rupture.
They took me home,had to be carried to car.At home i could not go down 20 steps .They had to go fetch my BOOT.First time in 2 months i saw the boot again.Had been in bed since feeling as if I’m going backwards.

5 months post op ,now big blood clot

Wow after complaining for the last 3 months about suffering with swelling,throbbing Achillies,slow recovering from excersize,ice cold leg(even in the South African summer 35dec temp),very slow recovery. My pt sent me for a scan and i have a 5 cm blood clot in my calf ! I now have the plesant task of injecting myself into my stomach every morning with Clexane for the next 6 weeks

i now have two achilles tendons

My rupture and then re- rupture story .I am 55 years old male , i have been playing league tennis for the last 12 years.Soccer world cup in South Africa ,my business is very busy i don’t play any tennis for 3 months . first time on court after warming up for 20 min Snap ….my worst nightmare has just started.My active youth has caught up with me.rugby ,military parachuting, horse polo ,motor cross.All these cause scar tissue on Achilles making it less flexible.I had surgery on 24 th July 2010 it was a breeze ,off pain med next day . i was going to walk within 6 weeks again!! 23 days post op ,I went to bathroom middle of night ,one crutch no boot ,toe pointing forward, slipped on wet spot and re - ruptured tendon 20 mm higher up.I laid in bed for 5 days lots of pain before going to surgeon to get the bad news. After scan he said my Achilles would have snapped again it was so scared.The surgeon is the leading Achilles specialist in Cape Town ,does up to 8 Achilles a week.He then took my big toe (second strongest tendon ) tendon ,re least  it from my toe ,shortened it then attached it to my heel bone(drilled hole )leaving the other side attached to my calf muscle.Most prof athletes now have this surgery ( that is why they recover so quick )David Beckham is playing first class football after 6 months.The bone heals after 6 weeks (NWB toes down in boot) then re ruptures is unknown to happen .
I am now 8 weeks post re-rupture and foot is nearly back to neutral . My body is so tender from spending so much time in bed (12 weeks)sheets feel like sand paper,bored to near insanity.Robbed from things we all took for granted ,standing ,walking

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