Week 16 - 17 no improvement?

Everytime i read the blogs here i get so discouraged and upset and angry with my leg and my PT. I am week 16-17  , still walking with a limp, and unable to do any of the exercises described on their blogs. Why isn’t my PT giving me similar exercises as you guys? Why am i asked to increase load SLOWLY? 5kg a week incremental ONLY! Anything else i can do apart from bloody leg press and calf  press.? Also each time i drink alcohol it swells a little, and its frustrating. are you saying i cannot drink a bloody sip for 6 months? sometimes i wonder what will happen if i don’t do anything! going to the gym seems to give me a bit of reaction each time! (BACK TO SQUARE ONE!) ok i am just ranting here as getting increasingly frustrated and wish i am able to give more positive news each week but NONE available. :(

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  1. Soj, while everybody heals at their own pace and we all seem to hit different milestones at different times, perhaps you should look into switching PTs? Perhaps a fresh perspective and a different exercise regimen would be beneficial to you both mentally and physically. At this point I would think limping would be minimal but, we all again heal differently. For comparison, I am about a week behind you and can now run about 2 miles continuously, but realized it is not something I can do in consecutive days as I my soreness level increased. At our stage in the recovery it’s more of trying to find a balance between your pre-ATR active lifestyle and trying to get back to that smartly. It’s good that you are not trying to overly push yourself even though you are frustrated, but a fresh perspective from another PT may help greatly.

  2. soj9, so sorry to hear your frustration with your rehab. It’s hard to ascertain from a distance what, if anything, is wrong. It may be just your particular situation. However, I agree with gocanes123 that your best option now is to try visiting another PT. Good luck! -David

  3. It is hard when you read blogs and feel that you’re not progressing as well as some are but try to be patient. This can take a long time and is different for everyone. Gocanes advice may well be the way to go. Don’t give up and keep going, you never know when the next bit of good news may be just around the corner. Take care and keep us posted.

  4. If it’s mostly fear and “instructions” that are keeping you from pushing harder and faster, I might say Go For It. If the AT is reinjured or partially reruptured or whatever, pushing it all the way might be needed to start proper healing. But you also seem to be suffering every time to push, which makes me hesitate to make that radical suggestion.

    As you can tell by looking around here, your experience is unusual — abnormal, even. I think I’d try to shop around for 2nd and 3rd opinions until I found somebody who could explain it, then offer some suggestions to fix it.

  5. For what it’s worth, I’m at 16 weeks now and I’m about where you are. Still swelling, still walking with a limp, just getting starting with PT, really. I can’t do a single leg heel raise. Don’t get too discouraged. Talk to your ortho, if possible, and your PT. You might switch PTs, as others have suggested.

    In my case, my repair was a bit different, and I blame that for the slower recovery. My tendon was 40% pulled away from the calcaneus, requiring an anchor to reattach. It was also split up the middle and the other 60% ruptured higher up. My ortho also had to correct a Haglund’s deformity and debride the tendon where it was degenerated. Anything weird like that with your repair? Maybe that is to blame.

  6. I, like Katherine, had part of the calcaneus removed (tendon partially detached from the heel for that procedure) and am experiencing a longer/slower healing rate than the average on this blog site. I still walk with a limp and I’m 8 months out… Not yet cleared to run. And have a lot of swelling, scar tissue and pain still.

    I think those who are having a rough time aren’t really posting as much…. I know I’m not. Whether normal or not, don’t get too discouraged about how long it’s taking, but do be proactive about your rehab and make the changes that help you reach your recovery goal. I have gone back to my doctor multiple times about my pain and am on my 3rd PT….

    Good luck!

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