All clear! Phew!

Week 15 now and ultra sound scan today proved to be positive! Tendon’s still intact and everything looks good! Tendon is not ruptured! Hurray! Both sonographer and OS said scan showed everything is good. So I can resume with my Physio exercises and all. You cannot imagine the big smile on my face! OS couldn’t say why I had to go through all these trauma - swelling to tenderness to no tenderness and loss of strength suddenly. But I guess the only way is up now!

At least I am no longer battling with swollen feet , just very weak legs.

sometimes I wonder if my pt is just too conservative ? No idea. Somehow I wonder of I made the right choice on this PT. Ok time to celebrate !

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  1. Congrats! thats a big relief for you i’m sure!

  2. Yay! That’s my biggest fear.

  3. Great, but what was to explain the sudden loss of strength? Has there been an improvement in the strength?

  4. soj9, I’m very glad you received positive results from the ultrasound. However, even though your Achilles’ tendon is showing intact, I would think you would still want to pursue answers as to why your condition is not improving. Hopefully, as you say, the only way is up now but, if not, I’d shop around for another OS and/or PT post-haste. Good luck! -David

  5. Great news soj! I was worried for you.

  6. Thanks all for your concern and encouragement! Yeah I am still puzzled why I struggled so badly with swelling and unable to progress with strengthening exercises without having a reaction after and then leading to intense tenderness .. My OS is quite a famous and experienced one who has treated many English footballers. He didn’t give a definite reason as to why I had so much problems in the past. What can I do? He can only see my leg as of now, and the scan just showed it’s good. What can possibly be the reason anyway?
    Like I said at least no more swelling! Leg is now as floppy as it was at week 8!
    My pt said it could be I had been walking a lot and doing body pump (only once!) and spinning classes but I stopped them the moment I had a bad reaction and bad swelling after that!
    Anyone has any experiences to share? Let’s just hope my leg is going to respond well with the loading exercises next!

  7. I have been overdoing it too and had some reaction with pain and swelling and my PT said he felt my AT was now too loose! not a problem but do less walking. Going to take it a little slower, I have also being doing a lot of driving in an auto with left leg achilles, don’t think too long in a car helps. Good luck.

  8. So pleased for you! Was a worrying time. I’ve gone down the non op route (at week 7 of recovery) finding it difficult as trying to do some fwb moving around or one crutch work but am getting swelling and pain at times. Especially evening. Tricky knowing what to do for best. Hope you continue to heal well. Good luck with it.

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