Could i have re-ruptured it again?????!!!

Saw my surgeon today and he was also not happy with my current state. He scheduled me for an ultrasound scan for Thurs and see what the results say before going ahead.

He did a few tests and said my leg was a little ‘floppy’ and ‘extending’ more than my good leg. I also had a scare earlier on today where i somehow tripped and felt a sharp pain but its not swollen after that nor did i feel any pain when i walk now as my entire left leg feels ‘detached’ or like he said ‘floppy’ therefore not getting the push off that i would normally expect/ feel any pain when i used to walk and push off on the balls of my feet.

i am so worried now ( i know worrying wont do anything) , but what if i had a slight tear? i do feel it slightly less strong than before , like no matter how much i try to put strength on my left to have the ‘push’off effect, i dont feel anything? could it be that some parts of the tendon snapped but still overall in tact??? Anyone have this experience before? I AM SO SCARED I HAVE TO GO THROUGH ANOTHER OP! in the meantime i will wear my boot again just to be on the safe side and not have any ‘accidental’ scares…..

how does a re-rupture feel? or a partial tear feel? i don’t want another op so can i still go for non-op route? what will the protocol be ?


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  1. I don’t have the expertise as others here but I will say that I would be very surprised if you suffered a re-rupture. It seems as though you have been experiencing some issues for awhile, where, a re-rupture, just like you initial ATR, you absolutely know something bad happened. A partial rupture, depending on the exact location, and the degree of the tear, I feel is similar to the lack of mobility you have with a full ATR, and you will have zero push off of course. Again, I do not want to speculate but I am hoping you are dealing with more of a scar tissue issue.

  2. hmmm but what will scar tissue issue be like? what was once thick and tender last week around my tendon now isn’t as thick, and just feel like my entire left leg is so weak now. but i guess the fact i am not feeling any pain now worries me….

  3. It’s really pointless to speculate here; your ultrasound on Thursday should reveal if your Achilles is torn. Until then, I’d just baby it and wait. As we endlessly debate healthcare coverage in the U.S., I find it interesting that you need to wait 2 days for an ultrasound in the U.K., whereas my OS has an ultrasound in his office that can be used immediately/as needed. I understand everything has a cost, but I wouldn’t want to wait. I wish you the best and will hope for good news for you on Thursday. -David

  4. well if you do it with NHS the wait will be longer. i had the option of doing it mid day today but i had to work and couldn’t hang around to wait for mid day so i scheduled for thursday ( i think my surgeon moves to another hospital on weds)
    i know but the wait is killing me. i can’t stop thinking and reading and its driving me crazy. but yes, taking extra care these 2 days will be the only option.

  5. Over time we have read of many instances where ATR victims receive their ultrasound and other scans a few days after initial consultation. This has been in the US, the UK and elsewhere.

    Happy to report that a 2 day wait for an ultrasound scan is not generally the case in the UK - even in SOJ’s case as she could have had it within a very few hours according to the post above but it just wasn’t convenient.

  6. soj9 and atrbuff, I knew I was at risk for even suggesting broad country comparisons on the basis of limited information associated with one second-hand observation, but I couldn’t help myself. I stand corrected. -David

  7. Hey it’s fine. I don’t really care about country comparisons which, I think is even better especially when we try to take the best in each country and learn from each other!
    Anyway the scan is tomorrow and I am so anxious and yet scared as I can feel my leg deteriorating and losing strength and muscle flexion!

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  8. Check out (FAST!) the new Wallace study, linked at /Cecilia/protocols. He got all the torn ends of his reruptures ATsmto approximate (and heal fine), as well as most of the stale (chronic, misdiagnosed, ignored) ones, which also healed fine. So surgery is no longer the smart or obvious choice for reruptures.
    IIRC, you’ve been having a frustrating time with your rehab for quite a while, so be careful what you wish for!

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