Finally a scan

well things havent been fantastic since my last post. was able to do some gym exercises without immense swelling but now it seems to have transgressed to my tendon slightly swelling/feels hard/tense and tight. not my usual swelling so both my PT and I are a little worried, so he said i should have an ultra scan done

i dont really know whats the best way to describe this but it feels like the tendon area is very tight, and a bit hard, almost feels like there is a lump there but a long lump. massaging doesnt have the same effect as in the past since the slight bump isnt water, but more like a harden swell. anyone have any idea what it is? when i walk it hurts a little as i am unable to lift off the way i would normally walk…


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  1. Can’t help but sure someone on here must have had similar experience. Wishing you well. Keep us posted.

  2. Chin up and stay patient. You hoping to get back to the netball at some point? Think my netball days are over.

  3. Well, I definitely have a hard lump where my Achilles was surgically repaired. My OS told me that’s to be expected at this stage and that the remodeling process would take a long time. He also told me that he surgically repaired it a bit “fat”–to make it stronger, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is common procedure. However, mine doesn’t hurt and it hasn’t changed in size over time. If I were you, I’d call your OS and see what they say. -David

  4. OT1H, having a “fat” or stiff AT 14 weeks post-op doesn’t sound unusual. OTOH, having more discomfort or pain or weakness or swelling than you had a week or 3 earlier sounds bad.
    Contact with your OS sounds sensible to me.
    Your title suggests you’ve had a scan, but the text suggests otherwise. ?

  5. Hey norm - whats OTOH?
    haha yeah - i meant FInally it’s time for a scan…..

  6. Google knows these abbreviations! On the other hand.

  7. oH! i need to catch up!

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