Week 16 - 17 no improvement?

Everytime i read the blogs here i get so discouraged and upset and angry with my leg and my PT. I am week 16-17  , still walking with a limp, and unable to do any of the exercises described on their blogs. Why isn’t my PT giving me similar exercises as you guys? Why am [...]

All clear! Phew!

Week 15 now and ultra sound scan today proved to be positive! Tendon’s still intact and everything looks good! Tendon is not ruptured! Hurray! Both sonographer and OS said scan showed everything is good. So I can resume with my Physio exercises and all. You cannot imagine the big smile on my face! OS couldn’t [...]

Could i have re-ruptured it again?????!!!

Saw my surgeon today and he was also not happy with my current state. He scheduled me for an ultrasound scan for Thurs and see what the results say before going ahead.
He did a few tests and said my leg was a little ‘floppy’ and ‘extending’ more than my good leg. I also had a [...]

Finally a scan

well things havent been fantastic since my last post. was able to do some gym exercises without immense swelling but now it seems to have transgressed to my tendon slightly swelling/feels hard/tense and tight. not my usual swelling so both my PT and I are a little worried, so he said i should have an [...]