Week 11

it’s already end of week 11 and i don’t feel like i have progressed much

every week my PT could only keep massaging my leg, pushing the swell up the lymph nodes and out of my system but my body don’t seem to be cooperating much

every morning post compression socks its fine, walk a bit more then it starts swelling up. end of day - looks so swollen.

feel like i have taken a big step back and i have no idea why. i was told to stop my physical exercises (spinning and any squats / exercises using my legs) except for swimming.

any one experienced swelling even up to week 11? i am so upset now i feel like my progress is just downward sloping compared to my first 8 weeks of just up up up and up! taking anti inflammatory pills too as PT said it feels warm and a little inflamed. we’re both frustrated i haven’t been able to progress further other than just massaging….


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  1. I am in week 10 and have been trying to ride an exercise bike but my surgeon told me to be careful with any cardio exercise since it’s really bad for the swelling…

  2. The swelling is going to be around for some time and mostly after you exercise. Massage is good but you should rest, elevate and ice as well if it is bothering you. I did not stop any of my activities and was not advised to do so. The swelling did not affect my recovery and as I grew stronger the swelling was less and I could do more.

  3. I believe swelling is completely normal for 11 weeks. In my personal experience, having the PT put kinesio tape on my leg has significantly decreased swelling when it is on. If applied properly, it will last 4-6 days through showers, pool use, whatever.

  4. My own swelling was positively correlated with my activity level after first getting out of my boot. It peaked about 2-weeks afterwards and has since come down–even though my activity level has gone even higher. Are you elevating, and icing? Even at 13 weeks now, I continue to elevate every chance I get and try to ice twice a day–I know it helps me stay ahead of it. -David

  5. You can check out achillesblog.com/normofthenorth/2010/04/30/swelling-elevating-is-getting-old/ for my frustration at my ongoing swelling at TWENTY weeks in (non-op).

    That doesn’t prove that you’re not suffering from something that needs more attention, but you’re certainly not unusual to have swelling that lasts way too long.

  6. I feel your pain!! I am also at 11 weeks, and the swelling is just terrible. I mean, it’s so bad I can barely wear two shoes. It’s so bad I worry my incision will pop open. I wear a compression sock, which I would recommend. Kinesiotape is mostly voodoo (sorry…if you feel it helps you, go for it). I elevate, rest, and wear a cooling gel brace that I bought at Walgreens. Hang in there. Hope we both do better soon!!

  7. Seems like everyone has a different experience for swelling. I had average swelling around week 11. My PT said it was normal edema from fluid accumulation throughout the day. They told me once the calf muscles start to fire more often and I start to get more strength back in my walk, that should increase blood circulation, which should in turn carry the excess fluid out of the area. In the mean time they said I didn’t even really need ice because that would limit circulation, so I should just elevate it if it gets bad.

    For me, they seem to be right and now at week 13 it seems the more strengthening exercises I do that pump the muscles down there, the less it swells, almost down to none now. They suggested seated calf raises while at work to get the blood moving. Might want to try taking some omega-3 supplements to improve circulation as well, but again, that’s just my experience.

  8. Thanks guys for the encouragement. I guess my current situation is making me a little depressed but thanks to this site, and all your shared experiences help me feel a little less alone!

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