Week 10 post op

So - been in 2 shoes for a few weeks now and progress so far is alright

My ankle is still swollen, and even after cycling/gym, it helps to relax it for a while but recently it seems like the area around my wound gets more and more tender and sensitive, and lots of fluid build up. Sometimes when I drink, it swells up even more and looks like my feet is about to explode.

Anyone out there have similar problems? What did you do to deal with it?

Currently been going to sleep in compression socks, and elevate when I am home/work. Constantly on trainers (that provide good heel arch) and i just ordered ice packs to ice the ankle when possible.

Quite bumped to be in this state since i was progressing so well for the first 8 weeks and now it seems like my body isn’t cooperating as much. :(

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  1. MANY of us encountered lingering swelling, but yours sounds different, maybe less normal?

  2. I’m nominally 2-weeks ahead of you (12-weeks post-op), but like you have now been in 2-shoes for a couple of weeks. My recovery is going well, but I too have been experiencing more swelling than I have my entire recovery. My OS and PT have both attributed this to my increased activity level and being out of the boot and are not concerned. Their advice to me is to rest, elevate, and ice as I’m able for now and that the need will decrease as my strength and endurance improves. It is a little disconcerting to experience this, which seems like a setback, but overall I have no doubt that I’m moving forward with my recovery and this is just part of the process. -David

  3. Yep my PT also had exactly the same comments as yours! So now, whenever I am home I’ll just wear my compression socks and it will always look normal by the next morning. I guess I do feel like its a bit of a setback but thanks to this blog i get to know i am not alone!!

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