End of week 13 post op and still swelling

So my leg isn’t swelling as much as it did 2 weeks ago but nothing new to report, I haven’t been able to do much apart from RICE
Going through a rough patch as emotionally i am relatively depressed, lack of exercise and sweating out made me a very grumpy person. Last wed after my physic, [...]

Week 11

it’s already end of week 11 and i don’t feel like i have progressed much
every week my PT could only keep massaging my leg, pushing the swell up the lymph nodes and out of my system but my body don’t seem to be cooperating much
every morning post compression socks its fine, walk a bit more [...]

Week 10 post op

So - been in 2 shoes for a few weeks now and progress so far is alright
My ankle is still swollen, and even after cycling/gym, it helps to relax it for a while but recently it seems like the area around my wound gets more and more tender and sensitive, and lots of fluid build [...]