That fateful day 18th March 2014 (Tues)

I just came back from Venice over the weekend and was excited to go to my netball game on Tuesday to burn off all my pasta and pizza!
Thankfully I had 2 games that day which means a good 800 calories burn *yay!*
So in the 3rd quarter of my 2nd game, I was running out after the whistle blew. The next moment I was on the floor, crying and i thought my opponent tripped me resulting in a sprained ankle (but she claimed she was no where close to me when I fell) . I have got plenty of injuries associated with netball , especially on my ankle, but never have I felt so much pain before. I just lay on the ground for almost felt like eternity, and everyone around me said I might have tore my achilles tendon. I had no idea what it meant, and I kept insisting it must just have been a terrible shock and i should be able to get up in a bit. Sat by the bench for the next 15min and an ice pack on my foot, my team mates insisted I go to the hospital to have a check.
I cried not because of the pain, but at that instant, i didn’t want to be in a cast, nor operation, or any disruption to my life (especially I had 2 dates lined up that weekend!) Triple boo and whammy!
So off i go to the local NHS A&E, saw the nurse and she did the thomson’s test and confirmed i ruptured my achilles tendon. (Another cry)

I was then sent to the orthopaedic/ some specialist, and he rattled really quickly about the differences in the two options - operation or non-surgery route. I wasn’t sure about what the best treatment was but my decision was more of vanity over anything else. If i had to be in a cast for weeks and months, might as well choose the non-surgery route as I won’t have the risk of infection/ugly scar.

Lesson learn: If you are healthy, and active, and want to go back to sports at some point,  I’d go for the operation as soon as you can (or call up your private insurance the next day and schedule for an emergency visit to the clinic). Don’t bother wasting your time with the NHS Fracture clinic for the next appointment if you can go private.

I left the hospital in a hard cast and a pair of crutches and life for the next 3 days was hell. No work for the next few days as I was living alone, and there was no way I could get to work on crutches whilst adjusting to this new ‘handicapped’ life. I was looking forward to my appointment with the orthopaedic at NHS on Friday 21st Feb.

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