Week 2 post op 8th April

One week post op and things got a bit better, I wasn’t feeling as painful, but still couldn’t manage standing up any longer than 15minutes before i could feel my toes swelling up and turning purple.
So I basically cooked easy meals and tried to eat as little since I wasn’t working out as much as [...]

25th March Tues (1 week post rupture and start of my journey)

Exactly 1 week after my accident, I saw Dr Davies and he said he’d squeeze me in for his last operation for that day, and told me to start fasting, and get warded to start icing my foot and reduce the swell else it would be difficult to operate on me. He also said to [...]

3 days after rupture Friday 21st March:

Saw the NHS Fracture clinic and first doctor I saw wanted to confirm if I ruptured my tendon or not, so removed my entire cast, and said yes it definitely was a rupture (DUH). He said there is no difference in the 2 treatments and don’t understand why anyone would go for the operation.
I [...]

That fateful day 18th March 2014 (Tues)

I just came back from Venice over the weekend and was excited to go to my netball game on Tuesday to burn off all my pasta and pizza!
Thankfully I had 2 games that day which means a good 800 calories burn *yay!*
So in the 3rd quarter of my 2nd game, I was running out after [...]