All Hail The Knee Scooter

With nothing new going on before my stitches come out and my official post surgery follow up I want to give a shout out to the knee scooter!
You can definitely expect to get some looks as you wheel around in public on a knee scooter but I have to say renting one was a good call. I’m two weeks post op and have two more NWB and the knee scooter has been great. I use it in the main level of the house and at work. At home I’m able to do things like handling the dishwasher, laundry, drag out trash and recycle bins, carry my own food which are things that while possible on crutches are 1000x easier with the knee scooter. I like the help I get at home but I prefer to chip in around the house. At work it makes the distance from the parking lot to the office easy (Even with a temp handicap pass its a hike) And at the office I can get around and be productive. If you can get a knee scooter for the NWB time they are a big help. I haven’t ventured out to more public venues with it, I’m sure it would make the grocery store or the mall a heck of a lot easier but when I go along to the grocery store or other places I tend to use the crutches because I want a little bit of a workout, crutching around the grocery store or back and forth to the stadium and up and down bleachers at the football game atleast makes me feel like I’m doing some form of excercise.

Surgey and the first 7 days

Surgery was set for 13 days after injury, in and out in less then five hours. Home on the couch with remote and McDonalds Value Meal in hand for a few days of tv (When you can’t eat after mindnight and you have a 3pm surgery you are entitled to McDonalds afterwords).

Took the prescribed pain meds for a day, only took 3 of the 30 I was given so I was happy to be off of those so quickly. Motrin after that and after a couple days the Motrin is here or there. The 3 days lost to Hurricane Sandy probably helped with the sitting around, I would have been back to work earlier if not for the storm but that made it 7 days post surgery. I did have a visit to the doc to tighten the boot and look at the stitches prior to my scheduled post-op visit which is set at 16 days due to scheduling issues. I had about an inch gap between my heel and the boot and it made crutching around annoying so I figured I’d let the doc adjust so I didn’t mess something up. From time of injury to 7 days post op I haven’t really had any pain, though the directions to put my heel down into that boot had me a bit worried.

I’m 4 weeks NWB in the boot and we will see after that, most of my info comes from this site and fellow bloggers, the doc really hasn’t told me much other than I have one heel wedge in my boot and thats all I’m getting.

7 days in and so far so good, I’m sure NWB is going to get old in a hurry and I’m already guessing PT is going to be painful atleast early on. At this point I’m just planning to take it one milestone at a time, get through the NWB and we’ll go from there. I think my soccer days are going to be done and I’m just focusing on getting through walking boot, 2 shoes, walking for exercise and eventually some running to stay in shape, I think I’ll live my sports through the pros on tv!!

What was that?

Been playing soccer for years, atleast one night a week year round and a second night during the outdoor spring and fall seasons. Having seen plenty of players and teammates injured and miss time from a range of injuries from broken bones, blown knees and the typical over 30 pulled muscles I was hit with the injury bug. And based on setting up this blog site it wasn’t just a pulled hamstring, nope I went big with an ATR. Wasn’t even in a full sprint, heck I’m not sure I was really even moving, crowded penalty box and then pop! I went down asked what was that and looked at my teammate wondering why he kicked me….. It didn’t hurt much but I was a little worried when most of the players on the field including the opposition came over to see if I was alright after hearing the pop, and to inform me that I hadn’t been kicked. I limped off, sat out the rest of that Thursday night game and figured I’d walk whatever it was off over the next few days. I wasn’t detered by the limp, ventured out to the high school football game Friday night and while sitting in the bleachers me and my buddy were somewhat amused that if I put the middle of my sole on the bench in front of me that my foot would move back and forth like that old science class skelton that was held together with wire. I figured at that point it probably wasn’t good and that I’d also have to wait through the weekend to get to the doctor. With the help of Google I diagnosed myself before I visited the doc on Monday and she confirmed it.