First “Real” PT session

I’m 13 weeks post op, been two shoes since New Years Day. My doc has a different PT plan, I didn’t get PT orders until I went 2 shoes at 10 weeks. I went to two PT sessions where I got some scar massage done, was given some ROM excercise and did 4 theraband excercises. I had to go out of town after those two sessions so I had a 10 day window where I repeated those initial excercises plus some balance on my own. The limp has been improving and I thought I was making some progress. I went back to PT last night, confirmed with her what I had been doing on my own and her response was for me to continue that at home so we could work on tougher stuff at PT, sounded great to me. It started with some good work on my scar and some joint manipulation….more intense than the first two visits and it progressed to other strengthening excercises. I could feel it during the visit last night and I can definitely feel it today, that PT session was on a completely different level than the first two.  I started PT late and got a late start on ROM excercises following my doctors orders but I think the real work and the real benefit of PT is about to kick in. I wanted a therapist that I felt would work like this, I picked the clinic’s director who has experience with a few of the DC area’s pro sports teams and I think I made the right call. I have 2 sessions a week on the books for four weeks (I’m not going to count those first two sessions as PT, more introductory) I’m looking forward to seeing where I’m at a month from now, when I ruptured playing soccer I planned to stop playing but now my thought process is changing, I’m looking forward to get back on the field.


#1 debvn on 01.22.13 at 3:48 pm

Hi soccergotme,

Sounds like you have a great PT. I’m at 13 weeks post op too. My PT started earlier than yours (with ROM) but the progression to strengthening, stretching and balancing didn’t start until I was out of the air cast (8 weeks). Each week she usually adds one or two things. This morning she added double leg eccentric calf raises to neutral (the lowering is the actual working phase). These are TOUGH!

Good luck with your PT and keep looking forward!

#2 kkirk on 01.22.13 at 8:45 pm

Even though you didn’t start your therapy until 10 weeks, but your progression seems very similar to mine (Massgage > ROM > Strenghening/Balance > Sport Specific (?).

So we will be strengthening and working on balance in at the same time. Good luck with your therapy and the many calf raises to come :)

#3 soccergotme on 01.24.13 at 10:21 am

You guys are right about the calf raises! Those were featured again last night! I can feel already that things are getting better, just going to grind it out and see where I am in a few weeks.

after talking with my PT we decided to take the 1/2 in felt heel lifts out of my shoes, I put a pair of thinner Dr Scholl’s gel pads in and will wear those for a little bit before removing them
I see the doctor again at week 16, I think at that one he is going to give me the OK to jog and I guess I’ll have the PT work that in so I can make sure my gait is good. I see some light at the end of the tunnel, I have a feeling that by the end of February or early March I’m going to be on my own to complete the come back (Medically speaking on my own, I’ll still count on the Achilles Blog)

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