The uneven boot fix

So I’m 7 weeks post op, FWB in my boot and walking pretty good with a minor limp that I’m blaming on my boot being a little taller than my shoe…… I thought I saw on the site suggestions to remedy this and nearly eliminate the limp while in the boot, but that was back in my early post surgery days and I can’t remember what set of posts or comments I saw it in. I’ve seen a product called “even up” for $30+ that seems to snap onto the bottom of your good shoe giving it a lift and Norm has made the comment to fix the uneveness so I know a solution is out there and with hoping only another few weeks in this boot I’d rather not buy a $30+ product.

I know the solution is going to be easy but I’m just not sure what it is, since I’m not going to go out and buy a righ-foot cowboy boot or wear my snowboard boot around the office I’m looking for the simple answer…. just add some kind of thick Dr Scholls insert into my good shoe?


#1 normofthenorth on 12.12.12 at 3:00 pm

Unless you buy an “Even-Up” or a (cheaper) “cast shoe” to strap around a right shoe, you’re left with a series of kludges. One or two people here took an old shoe to a shoemaker, and had him (ever “her”?) “cobble” it into an elevator shoe of the right height.

Most people just find their fattest boot and squeeze in some firm footbeds until it’s either perfect or close. I already had a cast shoe left over from my first ATR — 8 years earlier, but I’m a pack-rat! — and that worked fine wrapped around a flip-flop sandal, for around the house. Outside, I wore a hiking boot with an extra footbed or two. If there’s an unneccesarily thick footbed inside the orthotic boot, removing it or replacing it with a thinner one can help — but be careful! Your healing foot is often very sensitive on the bottom, so squishy padding helps. And some footbeds have some “wedge” to them, so removing or replacing may change your ankle angle in the boot, which is a change in treatment!

The method of balancing the two legs doesn’t matter, but fixing your hip alignment does.

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