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Started the move to FWB 4 weeks to the day after surgery (Last Wednesday) and I’m at FWB today. Probably took longer than I needed (9 days) to get there. Pain wasn’t a real issue, any discomfort that I had or still have is in the ankle joint. PWB with two crutches was a breeze and I had great form with the heel to toe movement and fluidity of movement. When I made the move to one crutch I kind of lost that and found myself leaning akwardly on the single crutch, one crutch PWB stinks and that prompted me to buy a cane. The cane was much easier than a crutch and I think it got me to FWB quicker than if I had stayed on a single crutch.

Here is my asterisk: I’ve watched Ryan’s video, took the advice of he and Norm to make sure you drive the knee and feel it in the shin. I think about that with every step, works great on two crutches, so far my FWB and even with the cane has been a bit choppy. I know (or hope) that the more I walk with this boot that the form and the speed will pick up. I brought the cane with me to work and will probably leave it in the car just in case, I can see it being useful at other times as well. So like everyone else on the blogs has stated, life got a little easier today, but I know that I have a ways to go. If I could just get my doc to give me some ROM instructions or order me up some PT I’d be even closer!


#1 kkirk on 11.30.12 at 1:27 pm

Sounds like you progressed great. I’m still in the process of moving from PWB > FWB. Its been 5 days and I can put about 150 pounds of pressure on my repaired leg (Full weight would be about 185). I have some range of motion exercises the doc/PT people gave me, which might help (if your doctor says is ok). Pretty simple stuff to do while listening to music, watching TV, or even reading.

Here are the links.



#2 darryn on 11.30.12 at 8:44 pm

I also find using one crutch destroys my form, and actually made me try no crutch. Note sure any better form, but feels good to be crutchless. I am not quite ready to ditch crutch altogether, and can see how cane would be useful.

I just noticed you also live in Baltimore (well I live in the county).

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