2 week follow up

Just left two week follow up, stitches looked good and were removed, steri strips on now. No swelling, tendon looked and felt good and responded well to the Thompson test.

I can take the boot off for showers and have 2 more NWB weeks. I was told to start PWB The Monday of Thanksgiving week (would be 3 1/2 weeks post op). Was told the standard start with two crutches to one and then to FWB when comfortable, she figured by Thanksgiving day I’d be FWB, so thats just three days of PWB, I’ll go with her plan.

I tried to attach a photo of the stitches but not sure how to do that, it shows up in my “media” as attached to this post but I don’t see it.


#1 kkirk on 11.10.12 at 9:31 pm

Each day is better than the last. I will be starting PWB about the same time as you. Happy healing.

#2 normofthenorth on 11.11.12 at 5:49 pm

My fave protocol — bit.ly/UWOProtocol — starts PWB sooner (at 2 weeks in), but only gets to “FWB as tolerated” at 4 weeks in. Mind you, you also may find yourself limited by “as tolerated”. . .

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