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Been playing soccer for years, atleast one night a week year round and a second night during the outdoor spring and fall seasons. Having seen plenty of players and teammates injured and miss time from a range of injuries from broken bones, blown knees and the typical over 30 pulled muscles I was hit with the injury bug. And based on setting up this blog site it wasn’t just a pulled hamstring, nope I went big with an ATR. Wasn’t even in a full sprint, heck I’m not sure I was really even moving, crowded penalty box and then pop! I went down asked what was that and looked at my teammate wondering why he kicked me….. It didn’t hurt much but I was a little worried when most of the players on the field including the opposition came over to see if I was alright after hearing the pop, and to inform me that I hadn’t been kicked. I limped off, sat out the rest of that Thursday night game and figured I’d walk whatever it was off over the next few days. I wasn’t detered by the limp, ventured out to the high school football game Friday night and while sitting in the bleachers me and my buddy were somewhat amused that if I put the middle of my sole on the bench in front of me that my foot would move back and forth like that old science class skelton that was held together with wire. I figured at that point it probably wasn’t good and that I’d also have to wait through the weekend to get to the doctor. With the help of Google I diagnosed myself before I visited the doc on Monday and she confirmed it.

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#1 kkirk on 11.02.12 at 12:53 pm


At least you figured it out in a few days. I tried to tell my self the same thing. “I can walk this off” and I went to the beach a few days after my injury. Very regrettable know, but you can’t change the past. How are your treating it? And how long has past since the start of treatment?

Wishing you a good recovery

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