10 Weeks Post-Op - 2 Shoes

I had a follow-up appointment with my OS this week, and he said everything looked great and gave me the clear to start weaning off the boot and into 2 shoes. At PT, we practiced walking in 2 shoes and started doing heel lifts and stepping up and down small (very small) steps. It was a bit harrowing but feels good to be able to walk around without the boot on, even if I am still wearing the boot while out of the house. I feel like transitioning to 2 shoes is similar to transitioning to FWB - more a mental issue than anything else and trusting that the tendon is strong. Will definitely be careful over the coming weeks to not overdo it and guard against slips, but am feeling like being able to walk in shoes will go a long way to building my calf muscle back. Wishing everyone a safe and speedy recovery.

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  1. Walking in shoes again is wonderful. Each day gets easier and faster- thank goodness for that as I started at a nervously slow snail pace!

  2. Good stuff. If you used my trick for walking downstairs in the boot, you can keep using it in 2 shoes, until you build up more strength and ROM.

  3. You are going to be amazed at how aware you are of your surroundings when you step out of the house and into the world. Its like the old saying watch your step but so much more intense. Some people actually get quite tired mentally until they get used to it.

  4. Yeah!! Your recovery protocol seems to be the closest to mine. So, it is very encouraging to see your progress.

    BTW - I live in Washington DC as well and would love to know if you recommend your PT (and who it is).

  5. Thanks for the replies. Stuart, you are absolutely right. I find just walking around the house to be mentally draining (it may have something to do with wondering whether my two kids or our 140 pound dog will come running by at any minute causing a slip!). I am definitely walking slowly and cautiously!

    Ctcbusted, yes, I really like my PT and have had a great experience with them so far (12 sessions to date). I am using ProAction Physical Therapy. They are in the Bethesda/Rockville area (so may be inconvenient if not in the area).

  6. Congratulations on moving on to 2 shoes! Every day does get easier/better so just keep that in mind and be mindful of where you step! Good luck to you.

  7. I find just walking around the house to be mentally draining (it may have something to do with wondering whether my two kids or our dog will come running by at any minute causing a slip

  8. Are you having heal pain? I have been upgraded to FWB in boot transitioning into shoes. I have discomfort in my heal and bottom of foot. I’m also feeling soreness in my hip flexor from weeks on NWB.

  9. Jennifer, most of us experienced sensitivity under-foot, especially under the heel. Very rarely, it can progress to a heel spur (fasciitis) and linger, but it usually fades harmlessly, though sometimes quite slowly.
    Weeks later, I still found barefoot walking scary, because stepping on even the tiniest piece of nothing felt like walking on a bed of nails!
    Not abusing it helps, as do: (1) squishy soft gel under-foot (a footbed in the boot, then Crocs or similar in 2 shoes), and (2) gentle massage, like rolling your bare foot over a ball while seated. Some people prefer a frozen water bottle (small plastic) to a ball.
    If your hips aren’t level — i.e., if you haven’t found a way to build up your “good” foot so it’s as far off the floor as your booted foot — you’ve got to fix that. Walking uneven can damage your hips and knees and spine etc., and can also teach you compensating ways of walking that are surprisingly hard to “lose” later.

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