Just saw this story about DeAngelo Hall (Washington Redskins cornerback). He ruptured his Achilles about 6 weeks ago and had surgery, and just reinjured it when he slipped late at night, and had to have surgery again. Link to story is below. Serves as a reminder to all of us recovering to go slow and be careful.

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  1. One of the most amazing things about the huge new Wallace study from Belfast is the <3% non-op rerupture rate he got from his ~1000 ATRs. But the MOST amazing thing is that he successfully treated ALL of those reruptures non-op!!
    Of course, it will be even more amazing if any of us lives long enough for the world’s (or the U.S.’s) professional athletes to follow that evidence! :-)

  2. That Wallace study is summarized and linked at .

  3. Op or non op you still have to do the right thing. He probably should not have been making pizza. Or should that be probably he should have been wearing protection. Still doesn’t sound right. I doubt the big league stars are ever going to believe in anything but surgery to fix every injury. It is conditioned into them and it is a money thing for which they probably have no control over. To suggest otherwise would lablel you a witch doctor. How can the body possibly heal itself?? Needless to say the imortals and invincibles are suffering the same as us and deserve the best treatment available plus our simpathy. It does say regardless of the manner of treatment, re-rupture can occur. Yes, don’t be careless or stupid for they are the most common causes or re-rupture apart from the odd accidental slip or trip.

  4. I live in DC and am a Redskins fan. I have been following DeAngelo Hall since our injuries we around the same time. This is indeed a warning to all of us to be very careful on crutches/rollers/Iwalks to make sure we avoid falls.

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