8 Week Update

It has been 8 weeks since my surgery, and two weeks since I got my cast off and moved into a walking boot.  I am just now finally FWB.  It took me about two weeks to get to this point.  I was able to move to PWB right away, but getting totally crutch/cane free took longer.  Part of my problem was that my bad foot (left leg) is also where my bad knee is.  I tore my meniscus several years ago and had surgery, and ever since then my left knee has given me problems from time to time.  Activities like biking and swimming help keep my knee feeling good, but after being in a cast for six weeks my left knee did not like having weight suddenly put on it again and rebelled a bit.  I’ve been on the stationary bike and doing lots of straight leg raises trying to get the muscles around my knee strengthened and that has helped.  So, with my knee feeling better, I have finally been able to fully transition to FWB, though by the end of the day my walk certainly looks a little funny!

My next appointment with my OS is in two weeks, and I’m assuming I will be cleared to ditch the boot and start wearing two shoes.  Things seem to be progressing well, and as so many folks here have said, getting out of the cast and being able to put weight on the leg and start working on ROM has made a huge difference.  My spirits are better and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter!

Some observations during the past two weeks:

1.  Even-ups work.  Used it on my good foot when my hips were starting to hurt, and cleared the problem right up.

2.  Aircast vs. Vacocast - I have both, and have been using the Aircast during the day for walking, and sleeping in the Vacocast at night with the front piece off.  For me, the Aircast just felt like it was giving me more support and I didn’t limp as much as I did while walking in the Vacocast.  Definitely a personal preference thing as it seems based on comments here that generally folks prefer the Vacocast.

3.  PT really helps - I had my first PT appointment the day my cast came off.  Have had 7 appointments so far, and my ROM is getting pretty close to my good foot.  PT is emphasizing lots of stretching exercises (focusing on the ankle and achilles, but also working on the calf, hamstring, quads and glutes as well) and has been doing lots of massage to break up the scar tissue.

Wishing everyone a safe and speedy recovery!

3 Responses to “8 Week Update”

  1. Sounds great!
    When it’s time to wean off the boot (maybe now, or soon), a hinged boot seems a very helpful transition tool. I’ve no experience with the Vaco, but I’ve used a hinged boot in both of my ATR rehabs, and an AirCast in one of them.
    If the Vaco without the front is similar to the AC without the front, you would be very vulnerable if you got up and started walking.

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  3. Your recovery sounds similar to mine. I have a cast and NWB for 6 weeks after the surgery. I am glad to see that you are making out well with this sort of a schedule. I have 3 more weeks in the cast.

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