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1st wedge is out.
Felt some very minor pull of the tendon when easing into the boot, which went away after 10 seconds.

Sunday (11 days post-op) - was the first time I tried to make a step with the CAM boot on.

It felt great, though very strange. The boot gives you almost 0° ROM mobility to move your ankle up and down, so you can only step on your heel, then roll the boot off to make the step.
I tried to balance on one foot a bit, but the muscle tissue and the tendon immediately told me to lay off them.


From that point on, I took the whole week very easy - walking very very little, mostly scooting around the house on my computer chair.
I am staying home - not going out, keeping myself as immobile as I can.
When the boot is off in the shower - the whole ankle is swollen as an elephants leg and the incision scar has little crusts where the stitches were taken out.


I feel muscles twitch and pull up the leg very pleasantly, as if they are slowly getting re-attached to the tendon, fiber by fiber.
I change the bandage (10×10cm) over the incision scar every time I take a bath (x2 a day) - never saw any blood or anything else on the old one, when I change them.

The Good:

• Can walk a little bit in the CAM boot
• Don’t need the crutches for support anymore
• Showering is epic

The Bad:

• Still cannot sleep more than 2 3 hours straight
• Some needle piercing sensation in the tendon - comes and goes in 5 minutes or so, happens every few hours
• Absolutely no flexibility of the ankle
• ROM = -50°

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