Five months on from Re-rupture at 15 weeks

Thank you for all your helpful messages and support. It hs been an interesting time. As I had a VacoCast boot and a knee trolley already the only time I took off work was the first morning after re-rupture. I could not drive but coped with everything else. It was exhausting. Around week 10 I [...]

Re-rupture at 15 weeks

Re-rupture Achilles Tendon

Six weeks post op - I like VacoPed Achilles - 24th November 2010

I cannot comment on the other removable boots but I can say I love this boot. The boot itself allows a wide range of adjustments: fixed, range of movement, gentle fixed night time plantar flexion stretch (my idea rather than any protocol I have seen) and the choice of two soles - Achilles rocker to make [...]

Five weeks days post op - Fed up with casts. I want a removable boot.

Totally fed up with casts. An early one squeezed too narrow - caused me a lot of pain. Now I know what Morton’s neuroma feels like.  Latest uncomfortable, wrong angle and I cannot bear much weight as it still has to be in front of me.  I know from this website and others that there are [...]

Fourth week after surgery - collapsing shower stool

End of week four plaster changed and despite instructions by orthopaedic surgeon to get to zero degrees, plaster sets at 5 degrees…  I have a shoe and with “Heath Robinson” heel raise - six layers orthopaedic felt I can use my bad leg to balance when shaving.
I forgot to mention I wear walking boot on good leg with [...]

Third week after surgery - I get a new friend called K9 (knee trolley)

ATR on right. I suspect minor partial rupture on left and sever right shoulder pain. I cannot use crutches. My life is not great but I have seen worse.  I was getting desperate so turned to internet and great sites like this. There appear to be two sources of knee walkers in UK. I have not tried this [...]

Second week after surgery - other Achilles tendon hurts…

So I was crawling everywhere and had also made it to bathroom but there are a few steps so I decided to do the one foot shuffle recommended by someone else. Disaster strikes. I get a sharp pain in my good Achilles tendon. I had had problems and seen physio with pain from my AChilles [...]

First week after surgery - shoulder problems

I knew it would be bad and it was. Mobility problems. Bowl and flannel to wash in bedroom. Obtained a urine bottle to reduce trips to toilet.
Struggled with crutches until finally right shoulder got very painful. I had to give up and start crawling everywhere. I suppose I should mention that I had an operation [...]

Surgery - Achilles Tendon Repair

Overnight rather than daycase but that may have been timing of the surgery. General anaesthetic with nerve block.  Three small incisions. Evidence suggests this reduces complication rate. Nerve block seemed to work okay. Much less pain than after shoulder surgery. Back slab overnight. Next day full plaster.
Below knee plaster. Elbow crutches. Physio checked I could manage [...]

Snap went the tendon - 10th October 2010

Playing badminton. Fourth game. Felt as if someone hit back of my leg with a racket. Heard and felt the snap. Realised something very wrong.  NHS. A+E. Hip to toe back slab plaster. Armpit crutches.  That length of plaster is a nightmare. That weight of old type plaster is miserable. Armpit crutches are simple but not great.
Consultant [...]