Five months on from Re-rupture at 15 weeks

Thank you for all your helpful messages and support. It hs been an interesting time. As I had a VacoCast boot and a knee trolley already the only time I took off work was the first morning after re-rupture. I could not drive but coped with everything else. It was exhausting. Around week 10 I started driving again. Physio rehab two hours a week. So much muscle wasting and no time off work is making recovery slow. At least by continuing to work I have been able to keep my job. Most of work is in gym with bike, treadmill, stepper, trampoline, balance board and weight dorsiflex machine. Just been allowed to do a sort jog - felt odd.

My advice is that we are all different and make progress as our bodies and circumstances allow so don’t worry

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  1. Hey Snapdragon,
    How are things progressing with you? I am at 9 weeks since re-rupture and things seem to be progressing better than the first time . . . hopefully so! Still I wonder if I will have full recovery, so thought I would look to you for an example. Hope to hear an update soon. pk

  2. 31 weeks post re-rupture. Missed physio / gym for last 6 weeks. Holidays and the like… and work pressures. I reckon it is really going to take a year for me to get to there at this rate. Maybe slower than others. Seems depressingly slow progress at times. You just have to keep going.
    Calf still really slim but can 20 mile bike ride (avoiding hills) and taken up canoeing in an inflatable canoe. Cannot stand on toes on affected side. Can jog a little but plantar fasciitis, stffness around back of ankle and pain from MTP jpoint big toe have been a nuisance for me.
    I guess we all go at our own pace and I still see progress every week. We are not all super heroes!

  3. Don’t know if you even go on here, but see that you are only just down the road from me. I am 3 weeks in and would love to have a little email/ chat at some point. Hope the recovery is okay now?

    Best wishes,


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