Five weeks days post op - Fed up with casts. I want a removable boot.

Totally fed up with casts. An early one squeezed too narrow - caused me a lot of pain. Now I know what Morton’s neuroma feels like.  Latest uncomfortable, wrong angle and I cannot bear much weight as it still has to be in front of me.  I know from this website and others that there are better choices out there.

I contacted german manufacturer for UK distributor. I contacted their UK sales representative to confirm item I needed. Following his advice I ordered the “new” version VacoPed Achilles boot from Orthofix. The item is not on their website!

Went back to orthopaedic surgeon early at  5 weeks and 2 days and “persuaded” him to let me use the boot. Instantly it is more comfortable. No squeezing my forefoot. So so cross that I did not do this before…

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