Third week after surgery - I get a new friend called K9 (knee trolley)

ATR on right. I suspect minor partial rupture on left and sever right shoulder pain. I cannot use crutches. My life is not great but I have seen worse.  I was getting desperate so turned to internet and great sites like this. There appear to be two sources of knee walkers in UK. I have not tried this one:  The chap was very helpful when I emailed him. It looks bigger and heavier and useful outdoors. The other one is . This is the one I got. Suits me fine and very helpful round the house and on the odd occassion that I have been to hospital.

Both times at the hospital I have been approached by about six people to tell me how they wished they had been told about these alternatives to using crutches and similar comments. You can buy or rent both of these. What I don’t understand is why if the NHS can tell you how to buy a plastic cover for your cast for a shower, why they cannot tell you about leg caddy or knee trolley. Sadly the physios did not know much about them. At least my orthopaedic surgeon and plaster room technician at least knew they existed even if they did not know where to get them.

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