Second week after surgery - other Achilles tendon hurts…

So I was crawling everywhere and had also made it to bathroom but there are a few steps so I decided to do the one foot shuffle recommended by someone else. Disaster strikes. I get a sharp pain in my good Achilles tendon. I had had problems and seen physio with pain from my AChilles a few weeks earlier. I now think I had a very minor tear then and the shuffling just broke up the bit of healing that had occured.  Used old bandages and a temporary splint thing to hold foot in toes down for comfort and pain eased after few days. Still plays up if stand on that leg alone or do twisting and stuff.

At the end of the week I get my plaster changed on schedule, to pumpkin orange because Halloween is coming. Interestingly the cast is a bit more flexible than the first one. That helps with some of cast discomfort but not the hypersensitivity and burning pain I get at times in my big toe. The orthopaedic rreassures me that it will improve with time. Most things do so I expect this will to but it does hurt at times!

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