Snap went the tendon - 10th October 2010

Playing badminton. Fourth game. Felt as if someone hit back of my leg with a racket. Heard and felt the snap. Realised something very wrong.  NHS. A+E. Hip to toe back slab plaster. Armpit crutches.  That length of plaster is a nightmare. That weight of old type plaster is miserable. Armpit crutches are simple but not great.

Consultant next day offered surgery or conservative.  Main difference is re-rupture rate and complications of surgery. You could argue that I am of an age when I may opt to become less active, but I have no risk factors for complications. I opted for surgery. British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Association quote 15 and 5% re-rupture rates. From my reading I think the figures are lower - maybe someone needs to update their patient information since at that level surgery would be a no-brainer for most.

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  1. Welcome to a great site and a great group, Snapdragon, though we’re all sorry you had to join us!

    I think both of those re-rupture rates are out-of-date and too high, at least for patients that follow a modern fast protocol. (Check yours against , which produced excellent results.)

    Most Docs (and even national associations!) in this field need updating, IMHO. (Don’t get me started, but a lot of it is on my blog pages!) E.g., there’s NO justification for any immobilization of the KNEE joint, period!! Bloody nuisance for zero benefit, what are they thinking?

    BTW, you are one of many badminton ATRs here (esp. from UK), and also one of many who “did” the AT after fully warming up (and obviously after fully stretching, too). Replace badminton with volleyball, and I’ve done exactly the same — twice (both sides)!

    Good luck and good healing, and please keep blogging.

  2. @snapdragon: Ouch! A real bummer, huh? You are not the first person I’ve heard from that was warmed up and well stretched… I guess it’s just one of those things that is more likely to happen to us the older we get…. How old are you?

    @normofthenorth: Twice on both sides?! or Once on each side? In either case, my sympathies!! Sheesh!

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