Fourth week after surgery - collapsing shower stool

End of week four plaster changed and despite instructions by orthopaedic surgeon to get to zero degrees, plaster sets at 5 degrees…  I have a shoe and with “Heath Robinson” heel raise - six layers orthopaedic felt I can use my bad leg to balance when shaving.

I forgot to mention I wear walking boot on good leg with heel raise to balance out difference on leg length and because I am having pain in that Achilles tendon. And because it is more comfortable with my insoles for excess pronation casuing ankle pain and plantar fasciiitis.

I must ask my orthopaedic surgeon whether if I buy a VacoPed or Vacocast rather than the DonJoy or similar boot that my local NHS provides he will supervise my use of it… I mentioned it once but understandably he seemed very keen to stick to his normal way of doing things. Will try again when a bit further along. I guess they think that they know more than us patients, eh? The cost of the boot is £120 + vat & postage.

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