Urgent antibiotics advice needed

Please please can someone give me some advice ASAP?

I have a urinary tract infection, and I’ve just been prescribed nitrofurantoin. I am keen to take them and get the infection under control (I have seen what happens when I don’t, and it’s not nice). But I just can’t bring myself to take them until I’ve checked that they are safe. Will they cause another rupture? I am 5 months since my rupture, and so happy to be more or less back to normal, that I so don’t want to start again! I took nitrofurantoin 6 months ago for the same problem, and I worry about whether the antibiotics caused the rupture. I think this is not the troublesome type of antibiotic, but I can’t be sure. I have googled, and it looks like this one isn’t associated with ATR, but I just can’t take them until someone here has told me it will be okay. Can anyone help?!

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  1. I sincerely feel for your situation. This is what I would do…

    I would find out what other medications are available for urinary tract infections and ask for a prescription for that.

    There must be some antibiotic that is not associated with tendon issues. I would be adamant and firm with the MD in who’s care I was under that I want a new prescription. I would express that I am not willing to risk taking nirtofuratoin again even if it is the alternative to the antibiotics Known to cause tendon issues for the simple reason t;hat I can not rule it out as the cause of a rupture 5 months ago after taking it a month before the rupture.

    When I have questions about medications I speak to the local pharmacist. I find that they are much more knowledgeable about medications than MD’s. On their recommendation you could ask for whatever prescription they recommend.

    I sincerely wish you all the best in finding a solution to your problem.

  2. Thanks for your reply Donna. I have phoned the prescribing nurse.

  3. great post

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