Two Shoes!!!

I went back to fracture clinic two days ago - at 11 weeks post injury. The doctor I saw asked what had happened so far (no-one seems to have notes on this! Or maybe it’s just more efficient to ask me - I don’t know). Anyway I explained - non-op, 5 weeks NWB in casts at two different angles, then 6 weeks basically FWB in the boot (2 weeks with 2 wedges, 2 weeks with 1 wedge, and 2 weeks with no wedges).

She did the Thompson test and sounded happy, and so now she has ‘discharged me to physio’! I left the boot and crutches behind in her office and walked out of there with just the gel insert in my shoe. At first I was slow and hobbling, but I have improved quickly over the last couple of days. Now I still have a bit of a limp, but not very bad.

I joined the gym yesterday so that I could do other exercise while I wait to be able to run again. So today I went for my first swim - yay! My first physio appointment is on Monday (NHS). So as far as I can tell, I am kind of healed. I can walk, for example! I cannot stand on tiptoe on the injured foot, but I am super-happy!

I have a couple of questions in case any of you kind people have the answers:

1. Besides swimming, I am also allowed now to use the exercise bike. I haven’t really ever used one before. Is there anything in particular I should bear in mind, or just sit on it and pedal for a bit!?

2. When can I know that I won’t rerupture, and start pushing myself?

5 Responses to “Two Shoes!!!”

  1. Congratulations Snafu, being able to walk again is a fantastic feeling!
    Be careful out there, yes you are only kinda healed and need to build up some more strength in that new tendon. Time is hard to predict but the first 12 weeks at least seem to be when you are at your most vulnerable.
    On the bike you may be best pushing down with your heel on the injured leg not the toe, easier on the tendon. You will find that if you over do it then you will end up swollen and sore and having to rest so be patient and build up. If you want to ride for say 30 minutes, then this week ride with a light resistance and then increase the resistance weekly.
    The pool!! What a perfect place to get strong and fit. Don’t use it just for swimming, but for walking in all directions and toe raises, if you are in chest deep water it should be fine.
    Take it easy, be ultra cautious especially in crowds- this is not the time to trip or fall.

  2. What herewegoagain said!
    One key is INCREMENTALISM. Every time you try something new, do a little bit, and gently. Every time you increase something, do it gradually. The rerupture risk starts dropping from a peak around 11-12 weeks in, but there are other painful setbacks hiding in the woods, and some of them come hours after the unwise activity, with no warning at the time. (Details of one in my blog.)

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