Finally into the boot…

I went to the hospital today (5 weeks since the rupture, and I have not had the operation). I have been in casts until now, and was excited about getting the boot!

In fact, when my cast came off, I felt vulnerable, and not at all ready to walk. I was fitted with a grey aircast boot, with 2 inflatable things in it. I have to wear this for 4 weeks, day and night. It currently has 2 wedges in, and I have to take one out in 2 weeks time. So in 4 weeks, I go back to the hospital - I think to move into 2 shoes and start physio.

I have been told that I can put as much weight as I like on the booted foot, and walk as far as I like. I had visions of myself immediately walking out of there crutch free, but in fact I just crutched my way out of there more or less like I went in! I am putting some weight on the foot though, and standing has become more comfortable, so I guess that I am putting weight on that foot then. I am trying to walk on it heel to toe as recommended on here, and using both crutches to make this possible.

What happens from here? Do I just keep practising, and after a while somehow it gets easier, and I let go of the crutches?

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  1. Yes! Keep practicing walking with as normal a gait as you can with crutches (slow and steady), gradually placing more weight on your injured leg and focusing on rolling your booted foot heel-to-toe. Also, and I personally found this step critical to getting over a mental hurdle of being able to rely on my injured leg to support me, practice standing at a counter using your hands for stability and shift your weight side-to-side, backwards-and-forwards, and diagonally (front left-to-rear right, and vice-versa). Over a period of days (my guess, a week or so) you’ll feel comfortable enough and confident enough to try walking without crutches and then you’ll be FWB! -David

  2. Thank you so much - this is very helpful. I will try this.

  3. Snafu, I forgot to mention that it’s very important to be able to even-up the height of your good leg to match your booted one. As Retired65 mentioned on an earlier post, the Even-Up product (which attaches to the bottom of the shoe on your good foot), works great and I would highly recommend. I bought mine on Amazon for ~$30 USD. Without this, or something else to level-out your legs, it will be difficult to attain a near-normal walking gait. Good luck! -David

  4. Thank you *davidk* and *Retired65* - I have just ordered one on your recommendation.

  5. I second what David said above. Keep at it and keep practicing. I also found going to one crutch (on the non-injured side) really helped me in making the leap from PWB and crutches to FWB with no crutches. The transition to one gave me an opportunity to really practice the heel-toe roll in the boot and to do it with less of a limp. Most of all, it really is just practice, practice, practice and like everything else it eventually becomes normal. Good luck to you and Congratulations on moving to the boot!

  6. Is it okay to go this fast!!!?

    So I got the boot on Monday, and through until Tuesday night I was just crutching around PWB. Then on Tuesday night when I got back from work the evenup had arrived, so I put it on. Then I did as suggested and practised transferring my weight while holding onto a counter. I then found that I could walk with just 1 crutch. Then very soon afterwards I thoughtlessly just took a step without any crutches!

    So today (Wednesday) I did the ’school run’ with 2 crutches, to check that I will be fine to return the knee scooter. And now I am back home I am using just one crutch, and occasionally none for a few steps! Is it okay to progress from NWB through PWB to FWB this fast?

    It is so so exciting! I know I must look a pitiful figure to anyone who hasn’t seen me for a few weeks, but for me it is thrilling to be sort of walking! But if I am risking damage, and should go slower, then please tell me and I will. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m happy to take it slow if need be.

  7. I don’t think that is too fast. I went almost immediately from out of cast (NWB) to boot (PWB) to (FWB) within a couple of days. I think it would of been one day had I even tried to put FWB right away. I was way too scared to even try it for fear of a rerupture. Like you, I did not experience any pain at all but wasn’t comfortable with putting full weight on my repaired leg. You will figure out what feels right for you.

  8. Snafu, if you’ve cleared the mental hurdle of going FWB, and doing so is not painful, and you’re being careful, I don’t think this is too fast. With this new level of activity and re-awakening some dormant muscles in your foot and leg, be prepared for an increase in swelling, though. It’s not a setback, just part of the recovery process–so keep-up with the RICE. This is a BIG step–congratulations! -David

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