Should I buy a night splint or something?

First of all I just want to say how great it is to be doing this blog, and know there are people I can talk to about this/ask questions. Anyway, here’s my latest dilemma.

I did the rupture 5 weeks ago, and I’ve been in 3 casts - first two with pointy toes, current one less pointy. I’m pretty sure that when I go back to hospital in 3 days time, I will get … THE BOOT. (I don’t know what sort of boot or anything). so I am thinking (hoping) that I will be walking around in this boot in the day time, inside and out. So it will get a bit muddy, right? (In the UK in autumn it usually rains quite a lot). But I’m also guessing that I will be told to sleep in the boot. Won’t the boot be too muddy to sleep in, besides being big and hard?

Obviously I’ve been sleeping in my fibreglass cast (can’t exactly take it off) and I find that fine to sleep in. But it’s not that bulky, not exactly hard, and not muddy (because I am officially NWB). Should I buy some sort of night splint to sleep in? I’m thinking if I buy it now I can take it to my appointment and get it set at the right angle or whatever? If so, what should it be like - what does it need to do? Or should I soon be sleeping with a bare leg? Or should I just suck it up and sleep in the boot?

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  1. Snafu, I’m pretty sure your OS will want you to sleep in the (one) boot, but ask–I know mine did. My boot (an AirCast) was plastic on the outside that could easily be wiped-down to clean as necessary. As for protecting your bedding, I recommend putting your booted-foot inside an old pillow case at night. -David

  2. Snafu, the OS might get you to sleep in the boot for first week or two, although many would have had you in boot after week 2, then sleep bootless after week 4, heading for 2 shoes by week 8 or 9.

    Even when I wore the boot in bed I unclipped and removed the sole which made the boot a little less bulky and kept the sheets clean.

  3. I just re-read my post - I don’t mean that you sleep in 2 shoes at week 8 or 9…

  4. Last night was my first bootless night to celebrate four weeks post op. It was right up there with achieving FWB status was far as a comfort and convenience milestone. I didn’t receive any specific instructions regarding boot on when sleeping from my OS, which was basically always wear the boot when walking around. I don’t sleepwalk and can’t remember ever being startled and jumping out of bed, so I think that pathway to a rerupture is pretty unlikely.

  5. Hi, think you’ll be fine sleeping in boot. Pillow case over it or a wipe down before bed is a good idea. I slept in mine, as instructed, for 10 weeks. Just got used to it. It was nice when it came off though. First night with no boot was bit worrying but worry soon slipped away. May be worth seeing what medical advice you get before investing in anything. Good Luck with it. Take care

  6. nosport, did you have an ultra-conservative OS, or did you have problems with the healing tendon?

    10 weeks of sleeping in a boot is a very long time when many who post here (on modern protocols usually), wear a boot until after the 8th or 9th week, with it being worn in bed until the end of the 4th week since treatment began. Everything ok now?

  7. I always thought a night splint would be a great idea but at your stage I think it is a bit redundant. I just couldn’t get comfortable in bed with the boot on so at 3 weeks I took it off and finally got a good night sleep. The bigger issue for most is being too lazy to put the boot on when getting out of bed in the middle of the night and tripping in the dark. I am not saying because I did it then it is fine for all. I was prepared to take the risk in order to get some sleep and always put the boot on when getting out of bed, even for the odd midnight trips to the toilet.

  8. Snafu, I am just over 5 weeks post op and my OS put me in the boot at 3 weeks. He advised me to always sleep in the boot to be on the safe side. I had a little trouble getting used to it at first but I set the straps very loose and it is significantly more comfortable sleeping. That way if I get up at night, I can just tighten the straps to walk. I use a towel at the bottom of the bed to keep the boot off the sheets but I like the idea mentioned to use a pillow case. On a side note, when walking in the boot, the Evenup is outstanding to minimize the limping and is so much better on your hip alignment.

  9. Thank you everyone for your help and advice. The doctor told me to sleep in it for 4 weeks, so I guess I’ll do that. I slept in it last night, and it was totally fine - I slept well. I haven’t been out in it much yet, so have yet to encounter the muddiness issue, but I have a pillowcase at the ready! Plus now I have it I can see it is kind of like a wellington boot, and should be easy enough to clean.

    I think I slept in it well because I am sleeping so much at the moment. Ever since the rupture, I’ve needed extra sleep it seems. Has anyone else experienced this?

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