Worrying about the future…

I just read some scary stuff about how likely I am to rerupture, or rupture the other achilles, and now I’m scared!

Can anyone clarify a couple of things?

1) How likely is it that I will rupture the other achilles over the course of my lifetime (I’m 39 now)?

2) Would I reduce the chance of rupturing the other achilles if I changed my lifestyle - maybe switched from running to swimming, for example? I don’t want to do this, but I might if it was definitely definitely the sensible thing to do.

3) As for my current rupture, when has the danger of rerupturing past?

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  1. Snafu, I ruptured my right AT 15 years ago and had a great recovery after surgery. There was lots of work to do to get back to full strength and I think that made me keener than ever to be fully active in whatever sport interested me. I also learnt to listen and care for my body.
    I ruptured my left leg nearly 4 weeks ago and have gone the non-op route this time- so far so good, I am very happy to have a new recovery pathway!
    The two ruptures are low points for sure, but I have had so much fun running, skiing, hiking, rowing and biking that in the scheme of things it is relatively insignificant. Luckily we recover, and that makes the enjoyment of all that you are once again able to do that much sweeter.
    Take it one day at a time- we all have some that are better and easier than others!

  2. Snafu, listen to herewegoagain–there’s wisdom and experience in her words. I also went through the same stage your’e in now–questioning whether I should ever return to sport for fear of re-rupturing my same Achilles or rupturing the other one. As I became stronger and more confident in my healing leg, that fear began to subside. Since I first stepped back on the tennis court at 5 months–the site of my ATR–and I didn’t break again, that fear of re-rupture is nearly gone now at 6 months. I know it could happen again, but similar to herewegoagain I get too much enjoyment from being active and playing sports that I’m not willing to give them up. Life is too short to play it safe all the time. As to your last question, I believe that after week 16 you should be relatively safe from an accidental re-rupture. Take care! -David

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