Last week NWB (I hope)

I’m just starting week 5 of NWB. This is longer than is recommended on the protocols that I see a lot of you are following. It’s also longer than the nurses at my hospital thought I should be in a cast, but the doctor ‘was adamant’ and I didn’t feel up to the fight.

I like to hope that the extra time in plaster will have allowed the tendon to heal extra well, but the information that you all seem to have suggests the opposite. Oh well!

Now I have adapted to being in plaster quite well. I certainly have no problems sleeping in the cast (in fact I’m sleeping a massive amount), and I have tools (the iwalk, a knee scooter) to allow me to live pretty normally. I feel like I’ve forgotten what life is like when you can just walk around normally.

Anyway I have a question that I’ve been wondering about. When I switch from NWB to PWB, will life actually be *harder* for a while? At the moment I am whizzing about on the knee scooter, but I guess I’ll soon be hobbling very very slowly on the crutches while PWB? Will I be able to e.g. do the school run like this (1/3 mile there, 1/3 mile back)?

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  1. Snafu, your instincts are correct–when you move to PWB status, life will be a little more difficult and your pace of movement will slow down. To make the PWB transition to FWB, you need to use crutches to allow you to moderate the weight applied to your injured foot. In addition, you really need to focus on your gait at this stage–placing your foot carefully and rolling it heel-to-toe. You may be able to do the school “run”, but it won’t be a “run”–more likely a “crawl”, so allow extra time! Hopefully, you’ll make the transition to FWB quickly (1-2 weeks) and then soon you’ll be whizzing around again in your boot. That is, until you move to 2-shoes and then you’ll go through another slow-down. It’s all part of the recovery process. Good luck! -David

  2. Snafu, obviously, if you’re in a pinch, you can still do your school “run” using your iwalk or knee scooter for (more) speed. However, when you’re walking PWB with crutches, don’t look for speed–you’ll want to focus on measuring your applied weight to your injured leg and the quality of your gait. -David

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